Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The circle loop adventures continue

Chris and I continue to run after work around the Downtown Bellevue Park. Last night we came to the conclusion that the long road to fitness is paved with sore legs. Right now we're reconditioning our legs to take endurance running rather than stressing our cardio system. Then again, neither of us are doctors nor personal trainers so we might be blowing smoke.

Tonight I am going to tackle Green Lake. This will be good as I used to live in this area and it's a great outdoor area in Seattle. It's also a different path than I've been on recently. It's a nice rolling 3.2 mile loop.

That's all for now - bicycle adventures will be the next post.

Friday, September 23, 2005

More Running

Just a short entry to keep my spirits up. This week I was pretty good - ran twice during the week. Tuesday I ran for an hour on the treadmill (no stopping!). Really needed it that night as it's the night of the marathon phone calls with India - four hours worth that night.

Thursday Chris Holtz and I ran from work down to a local park in Bellevue (aptly named the Bellevue Downtown Park). It's a nice park - gravel and about 1/2 mile for the loop and lots of people out walking and running. It might work to drive next time - the run down and back is on concrete and a bit hilly. The run itself was a bit rough - I think I did a bit much with the hour run and so my calves were a bit sore. I feel pretty good today on rest so it should just be a matter of reconditioning the joints to run that type of distance and time.

The good news is Chris and I both agree that we should do this regularly - hopefully a coupe of times a week.

More progress later.

One interesting article is on how chocolate milk may be as good or better than sports recovery drinks. This is pretty interesting - current thinking is that a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein helps refuel and recovery. The good news is that milk is cheaper and tastes pretty darned good.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fatty McButterpants

For those of you who watch King of Queens you willl get the reference.

The journey to running continues if but slowly. So far my frequency is about once a week give or take. This is the week to start making it a regular weekly occurance.

The good news is that I seem to be maintaining my fitness - not improving it of course. The circuit I run is near my house in Lakeridge Park along a nice forested path known as Dead Horse Canyon. I live on a hill so it's downhill to the park but the park goes back uphill along a small stream - it's not an easy incline and within a few minutes I'm at my aerobic threshold. Once out of the park it's uphill to home with the invariable walk uphill. Today, however, I made it up to the stairs which is as far as I've made it without walking in awhile. The goal for the next month is to complete the circuit without stopping.

I think some indoor treadmill is in order - that or a flatter course elsewhere. After a month of regular short runs it will then be time to start working on distance.

That's all for now - I just wanted to get my goals on paper so I have something to look back on :-)