Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Search of Espresso Part II

This is the second part of a likely four part series. In short I'm attempting to try a new coffee shop each day in July. You can read Part I here.

July 5 - Original Bakery
This is the nearest coffee shop to me so I've been there a few times. It is definitely a bakery so the espresso quality is not as consistent as other places. I actually had a really nice cup on this day (last time the owner put water in my drink so I preempted the possibility this time) and mean to come back here at least for the great looking baked goods they have.

July 6 - Zeitgeist
This is the nearest place to work for me and I've been here a couple of times. I honestly find Zeitgeist a bit pretentious so admittedly my opinion was biased coming in. They have good baked goods and the space is open so has a "I could get work done here" feel; it is a bit of a meeting place however.

July 7 - CaffĂ© Vita
This place was entirely new to me (first one since Bird on a Wire which is too bad). My brother had been to one on Queen Anne on a previous visit to Seattle and had liked their joe. And, even better, this joint is on Prefontaine Place (ok, even better is I had no idea there was a Prefontaine Place in Seattle!). So I may have been a bit excited to head in.

This place says quintessential "coffee shop" to me - I will definitely have to come back to get some work done some afternoon I'm tired of the office. If you close your eyes and think "Seattle coffee shop" this is your place. I liked the coffee less than I liked the place but it was good. This is the place I came back to and I think the coffee is a bit too citrusy for my tastes. But I'm willing to cut them a little slack.

Bonus points that the barista liked my "sarcastic comment loading..." T-Shirt.

July 8 - Caffe Umbria
This is definitely the high fallootin' shop on the list. Umbria is where you meet in Pioneer Square for a business meeting. They have awesome Gellato. I think I've only ever had a latte there not straight espresso.

This is the first place where I thought about price. I always feel like I need to order right or maybe I'll be shunned out of there. The coffee was ok - certainly not worth the $4+ I paid for it.

I don't even know how many times I've walked by this place - just like Bird on a Wire and also a shame. Cherry Street serves sandwiches (I've been back twice for them - good!) so is a little less traditional coffee shop but it's good and kitschy. There is a great work space below. The coffee was my favorite so far as well so this may become the new haunt.

July 10 & 11
I cheated and went to Starbucks after my 50k so sue me. Besides the goal of this project was not to rate espresso shops in Yakima, WA! I don't think I had coffee on Sunday I was so damned tired.

More next week - stay tuned!

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